Commercial Solar Panel Installations.

Installation services for businesses, offices, and organisations.

Cost Effective

There’s no wonder that more Australian businesses are choosing to switch to clean energy. Not only is it a great environmental decision, but it’s also incredibly cost-effective. As the cost of living increases, businesses need to reflect these rising costs within their business products and service pricing. Installing solar means you won’t need to agonise over the skyrocketing electricity prices and can say goodbye to expensive electricity bills. 

Generate clean electricity off the grid

By installing a solar energy system, you’ll be independently producing electricity and will no longer need to rely on the grid to power your business.

Environmentally friendly

Installing solar can play a big part in reducing your business’ overall carbon footprint. This is especially important as more consumers become environmentally conscious and look to businesses who share the same values. 

Trusted & Reputable

In the solar industry, it’s tough to know who to trust. Jim’s Energy a reputation for being a trusted and reliable installer over years.

High Quality Solar Products

We only use the best solar products with cutting edge technology, built to withstand the Australian climate.


We’re proud to be a Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified installer, meaning we use best industry practices.

Skilled Technicians

Our team has the necessary expertise and training to install your solar panels without damaging your roof or business premises. 

The Jim’s Energy Solar Installation Process

  • Inspection of your premises

    Before we recommend and install your solar panels, we’ll inspect your business premises to ensure it is suitable for solar installation. Depending on your roof size and the location, we then suggest the ideal system.  

  • Management of all paperwork

    The highly knowledgeable team at Jim’s Energy will step you through the required paperwork and administration as part of the solar process, from obtaining necessary building permits to assisting in applying for incentives.

    Management of all paperwork

  • Recommend suitable solar panels

    We work with a range of different solar brands and products so we’ll be able to recommend solar panels that work for your budget, location specifications and energy consumption. 

  • Fully managed stress-free installation process

    We understand that you have a business to run so you trust that our installation process is fully managed to be as efficient and hassle-free as possible. We’ll ensure to install your solar panels when it works best for you.

    Fully managed stress-free installation process

  • Post-installation checks and cleanup

    Our post-installation checks means we ensure that your system is up and running before we complete the job. We’ll also take all installation related rubbish with us and perform any required cleanup.

  • Post-service assistance

    We can provide any required maintenance, repairs or cleaning services, following the installation of your new solar panels. 

    Post-service assistance

Commercial Solar Rebates

Over the last few years, solar has continued to become increasingly more affordable for commercial customers. This is partly due to the range of federal and state solar rebates schemes that have helped to incentivise businesses to invest in clean energy. 

Renewable Energy Certificates are a great current financial incentive that help to offset the upfront cost of installing solar. Depending on the scale of your system, you can either apply for Small-Scale Technology Certificates (systems under 100kW) or the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target (systems over 100kW).

In the case of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC), you have multiple options. You can either assign them to yourself immediately and receive a delayed cash benefit or an upfront discount on your solar system. Alternatively, you can create a STC by finding a buyer to then sell and transfer them in the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) registry. To work out which option is best suited for you and how to claim your STC or Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Other Services We Can Help With

We at Jim’s Energy can provide you with the complete solar energy system, including high quality solar products such as batteries and inverters. Get the most out of your solar panels by installing the accompanying solar products and power your business with clean energy. 

  • Commercial Solar Inverter Installation

    If you’ve installed solar panels then you’ll also need a solar inverter to use the energy you’ve generated. We can easily install your solar inverter to suit the rest of your system and enable you to easily use your solar energy.

  • Commercial Solar Battery Installation

    Installing a solar battery means that even when the sun isn’t shining, you’ll have clean energy to use and keep the lights of your business running.

  • Solar Energy System Servicing and Repairs

    Your partners in solar energy, long after we’ve finished installation. We can routinely inspect, service, and repair your solar energy system when necessary.