At Jim’s Energy, we provide professional solar panel installation with expert consultation process. We make sure that you get the solar panel system that will fit your need and produce clean renewable energy. Installing solar panels is one of the best way to reduce your electricity bills and help you save money. Over 2 million Australians have chosen solar for their homes. This solar growth will continue as the future of our energy lies in solar and renewable energy.

Solar panel installation


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Solar panels generate power from the sun and inverter is the heart of your solar panel system. Choosing the right brands for your solar panels and inverter is one of the most important considerations for your solar panel installation. There are many solar panel brands existing in the market with many different choices. Jim’s Energy experts will help you pick solar panels that gives you the best bang for your buck, and high performance inverter that will last for many years.

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Most solar installations will be completed within 48 hours. Jim’s Energy will find the best time to conduct your solar installation and work around your schedule. Jim’s Energy solar installers are CEC accredited and our solar installation process is hassle free and streamlined. We also make sure that the solar panel installation will fit your roof type and and your roof have enough space for the system size that you need.

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When you solar panel installation have been completed there is a final step before you can switch your system on and start getting the benefit of your solar panels. Every system installed needs to be certified by CEC and approved by the grid provider. At Jim’s we help you with this process to make things easier and simpler. Our experts will get your solar panel system certified within a few days and speak with your electricity provider so you can start saving your bills.