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ATTENTION: Homeowners!

Paying way more than necessary for those electricity bills? We have a solution for you! You can now get a 9.9kW solar system from $0* upfront!

Join the growing number of homeowners that are slashing their electricity bills by going solar now! This is the best time to make sure you’re not paying for power but using the power generated for FREE by your solar panel system. **The price is applicable in Melbourne only. Offer is applicable to single storey, metro area. Extra fees may apply. Offer is for 9.9kW system. Brighte payment plan is available to approved applicants only and is subject to Brighte’s terms and conditions available at https://bit.ly/3atkpvs

Jim’s Solar Energy Installations

Get your solar quote for your solar panel system from Jim’s Energy in less than 60 seconds

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Getting your solar quote for your solar panel system from Jim’s Energy takes less than 60 seconds. You will be contacted by Jim’s Energy solar expert with your requirement in mind. Our solar quote is competitive and you should always compare other quotes with Jim’s for a better deal.

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Jim’s Energy only uses the best solar panels and inverters in the market. We always recommend brands that can deliver the best performance for your solar system and advise on which ones to avoid. Jim’s Energy will get the best deal for solar panel system, combining value and performance.

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